Pea protein market keeps on raising


Pea Protein Market Prediction

the price for Pea protein food grade is keeping on raising, and no more production on pea protein feed grade.

From the the 2nd half of 2016, China central government carried out the most strictly environmental policy in the history. Many plants are requested to be stopped production and upgrade the environment equipment for industrial water and gas. generally all of them have to stop production for 2 or 3 months, and input millions of dollars to improve the water or gas treatment equipments. for this reason, the producing cost has been increased a lot.

there is another reason for the stop of pea protein feed grade. from the beginning of 2015, the pea protein food grade market is recovered. the price was going up step by step from usd1200 per mt to usd2800 per mt in today.

the difference in producing process between feed grade and food grade is not too much, and the producing cost is not too much difference, either. but the difference in selling price is more than 100%, that's why all the manufacturers are tending to producing food grade than feed grade.

if there is no changes on food grade market, the situation of non supply for feed grade will not be changed.

Even if there is any little supply for feed grade production, the price will be not less than usd1500-1600 per MT for FOB offer.