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Pea Protein concentrate 55%
Pea Protein concentrate 55%
Pea Protein concentrate 55%
Pea Protein concentrate 55%

Pea Protein concentrate 55%

Model NO.:
USD 600.00-800.00
Minimum order quantity:
Supply Ability:
1000 / Month
Country of Origin:
Products Description
food grade
feed grade
light-yellow power
protein(dry basis N6.25)
ASH(dry basis)
moisture(dry basis)
fat (dry basis)
Crude Fiber (basis)
Particle(Through 80mesh)
Product name: Pea protein isolate 
Product UsageFood additives and Animal feed
Functional characteristics:Solubility, water absorption, emulsifying property, foaming property and gel formation property

Product Usage:

For food additives :Dairy products, baked goods, yogurt, ice cream,Ham, sausage
Feed additives:55%, 65% and 72% of pea protein is generally used for feed, and 80% of pea protein can also be used for pet feed.
Nutrition :Health care products ,Protein supplement
Product advantages
Pea protein is based on the high-quality non-GM yellow peas from Canada and the United States. It uses pure natural biotechnology to extract and isolate protein. The protein content is from 50-85%, free of hormones, free of cholesterol and no allergen. The eight essential amino acids meet the requirements of FAO / WHO Value, especially lysine content than soy protein isolate even higher.
Compared with other plant proteins, the pea protein contains no hormones and no allergen. The proportion of small molecule protein accounts for 95%. Its anti-nutritional factor is very low, which is more beneficial to human body absorption. The eight kinds of essential amino acids meet the requirements of FAO / WHO The recommended values, especially lysine, are higher than soy protein isolate.
Preparation method editing:
Peas→cleaning→soaking→refining→separation of pulp residue→centrifugation to remove starch→acid precipitation→centrifugation→separation of alkali solution→spray drying→finished product
  • CAS No.:222400-29-5
  • Other Names:pea protein
  • EINECS No.:232-554-6
  • FEMA No.:3025
  • Place of Origin:CN;SHN
  • Type:Emulsifiers;Nutrition Enhancers;Enzyme Preparations;Thickeners;Stabilizers
  • Brand Name:Hugeroc
  • Model Number:Feed grade

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