Isolated Soy Protein

Isolated Soy Protein

  • Model NO. Isolated Soy Protein
  • Price:US $ 2.80-3.00 / kilograms
  • Minimum order quantity:10000 kilograms
  • Accept Min order:No
  • Supply Ability:10000000 kilograms / Month
  • Country of Origin:Beijing
  • Stock Time:3 Days
Basic Information
  • CAS No.:9010-10-0
  • EINECS No.:232-720-8
  • FEMA No.:N/A
  • Type:Emulsifiers; Flavoring Agents; Nutrition Enhancers; Enzyme Preparations; Thickeners; Colorants; Stabilizers
  • Brand Name:Huge Roc
  • Model Number:food additive
Product Description

 Isolated Soy Protein NON GMO

Product Name: Isolated Soy Protein

Product Raw material: supplier of Green healthy NON-GMO raw material

Product Usage: Food grade ;feed grade ;pharmaceutical grade

Product number:

Isolated Soy Protein-Gel Emulsion 

     Type (NON-GMO)

Isolated Soy Protein-Injection


Isolated Soy Protein-Dispersion Type(NON-GMO)

It is made from high quality NON-GMO soybean,produced and designed for application in emulsion type high-temperature sausage,Western-style enema and other low-temperature meat products.

It is made from high quality NON-GMO soybean,Specially used for large meat products, low temperature barbecue products, etc.

It is made from high quality NON-GMO soybean,Specially used in the production of nutritional products, dairy products, health foods, beverages and soy peptides, etc.

Protein(dry basis,Nx6.25,%)                >90

 Protein(dry basis,Nx6.25,%)     >90Protein(dry basis,Nx6.25,%)     >90
Moisture(%)                                       <7.0 Moisture(%)                            <7.0 Moisture(%)                            <7.0
Fat(%)                                               <1.0Fat(%)                                               <1.0Fat(%)                                               <1.0
Ash(dry basis,%)                                <6.0Ash(dry basis,%)                                <6.0Ash(dry basis,%)                                <6.0
Curde fiber(dry basis,%)                      <0.5Curde fiber(dry basis,%)                      <0.5Curde fiber(dry basis,%)                      <0.5
Particle  Size(100mesh,%)                   >95Particle  Size(100mesh,%)                   >95Particle  Size(100mesh,%)                   >95
Total plate count                      <20000cfu/gTotal plate count                      <20000cfu/gTotal plate count                      <20000cfu/g
E.coli                                             NegstiveE.coli                                             NegstiveE.coli                                             Negstive
Salmonella                                     NegstiveSalmonella                                     NegstiveSalmonella                                     Negstive


Good emulsifying property, improve product yield, increase the amount of fat and water added in the product, reduce cost, improve product texture and sliceability


Has good solubility and dispersibility 


No bean flavor, good brewing properties, rapid dissolution, precipitation after dissolution, not easy to stratify 

  Product packaging and transportation: 

1.Custom packaging(Custom packaging according to your needs)

2.Regular Packaging