Pea Protein concentrate 72%

Pea Protein concentrate 72%

  • Model NO.: PPC72
  • Price:USD 800.00-1100.00
  • Min order:10
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:1000 / Month
  • Country of Origin:QINGDAO
Basic Information
  • CAS No.:222400-29-5
  • Other Names:pea protein
  • EINECS No.:232-554-6
  • FEMA No.:3025
  • Place of Origin:CN;SHN
  • Type:Emulsifiers;Nutrition Enhancers;Enzyme Preparations;Thickeners;Stabilizers
  • Brand Name:Huge Roc
  • Model Number:Feed grade
Product Description


Non-GMO Yellow Organic 72% Animal Feed Grade Pea Protein

Our Pea Protein is an economical protein, with the content of protein upto 65% to 80%, so our product can be widely used as a nutrion enhancer in feed industry, such as pet food, livestock feed, acquatic product feed, etc.

Besides, our Pea Protein also has the advantages as below.

a) Free flowing powder, easily mix homogenizely with other feed ingredients

b) Low antitrypsin activity and high digestibility

c) A well balanced amino acid profile, especially the levels of essential amino acids, and complementary to cereals and corn gluten in pet food

d) Rich in arginine, which is an essential amino acid for animals such as pets

e) Low level of nonstarchy polysaccharide, to avoid digestive discomfort

f) Good palatability and highly functional, which makes it a good choice for texturized pet food

g) Non GMO and no foreign additives

Product nameNon-GMO Yellow Organic 72% Animal Feed Grade Pea Protein
AppearanceLight yellow powder
GMO characterGMO FREE
UsageFeed grade
Raw material100% Organic Non-GMO pea
Product typeVegetable powder
Protein content>72%
MOQ10Metric Tons
Shelf life24 Months
Key WordPea protein

Sensory Index

Physicochemical Index

Microbial Index

Color: creamy yellow or yellow


Total bacterial count≤20,000cfu/g

State: dry and loose powder

Ash content≤8%

Coli group≤70MPN/100g

Smell: it’s own flavor without peculiar smell


Without pathogenic bacteria

Fineness (100-mesh passing rate)≥99%

PH 6-8