Food has accumulated complete pea protein production technology due to fan business, attracting global attention


Pea protein is an accessory in the processing of fans. Shuangta Food is the largest fan production company in China. It has always strictly controlled the product quality and the traditional fan business has developed steadily. With the recovery of revenue and the expansion of new channels, market share is expected to increase. It has the only "Nationally Recognized Laboratory" in the fan industry. The company takes advanced processing of peas as a breakthrough through leading technology and produces various products such as pea protein and dietary fiber. In 2018, pea edible protein revenue was 510 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 70.62%. The scale of revenue exceeded that of fans for the first time, accounting for 21.32% of the revenue. It became the company's main profit source and an important strategic reserve of the company. Recognized the company's pea protein quality and world-leading technology.